Intel Labs announces IXR future computing division

The company's new research division, Interaction and Experience Research, will focus on defining new user experiences and platforms for the future

Intel's chief technology officer Justin Rattner has announced a new research division called Interaction and Experience Research, or IXR, which aims to re-imagine the computing experience in the future, defining new user experiences and new user platforms.

IXR, announced at Intel Labs' annual Research at Intel event on Thursday, will address computing becoming more personal, about individual information. The question becomes how people will interact with a computing device — and that doesn't necessarily mean a variation of the notebook, tablet or smartphone we're familiar with today. How will things like touch, gestures and voice commands change the computing experience?

The division will be led by Intel fellow Genevieve Bell, who said: "Intel now touches more things in people's lives than just the PC. Intel chips and the internet are now in televisions, set-tops, handhelds, automobiles, signage and more. IXR will build on 15 years of research into the ways in which people use, re-use and resist new information and communication technologies".

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