Intel launches R&D center in Rio de Janeiro

The new facility will focus on projects around Internet of Things, Big Data and High Performance Computing

Intel has launched a Rio de Janeiro research and development (R&D) facility focused on research around Internet of Things, Big Data and High Performance Computing (HPC).

The new R&D center is focused on the Oil and Gas sector and "Smart Cities" type of projects. The facility is part of a multimillion-dollar deal signed between the computing giant and the Brazilian government around investment in research and development in the country.

Startups and other research centers, as well as the private sector and universities will be interacting with Intel in R&D activities including proofs of concept, incubation of new applications and development support.

Local IT services provider AMT is hosting the center initially, which will have three areas: one will be dedicated to proof of concept systems to be used by businesses, while a second area will be allocated for the development of projects by universities and research centers supported by Intel in Brazil. A third area will be focusing on the incubation of startups.

According to Intel, Rio de Janeiro was chosen as a location for the center a due to the strong presence of businesses active in the Oil and Gas sector in the city that are also heavy users of HPC technologies.

"Rio de Janeiro is a natural area of focus for HPC, Big Data and the Internet of Things technologies, as it has some of the largest computing and communication infrastructures in the country and with a local developer ecosystem," says Intel's Innovation Director for Brazil, Max Leite.

"In addition, challenges such as hosting the 2016 Olympic Games demand new smart city solutions," he adds.