Intel launches SSD 330 Series entry-level drives at dirt-cheap prices

Intel's new budget line will start at just $89 for a 60GB drive. Ready for an SSD upgrade?

With competition ramping up in the crowded solid-state drive market, Intel has started refreshing some of its SSD lines. The latest is the entry-level SSD 330 Series, which improves performance over its predecessor while maintaining budget pricing.

Starting at just $89, the SSD 330 uses the SATA 6Gb/s interface to deliver sequential read speeds of 500MB/s and write speeds of 450MB/s, compared to the older SSD 320's 270/220 MB/s speeds. (You can find more details here.) And whereas the smallest SSD 320 drive was 40GB, the smallest SSD 330 is 60GB. There are also 120GB and 180GB flavors for $149 and $234, respectively.

While the SSD 330 series offers performance closer to the previous generation's mid-range SSD 520 drives, its potential reliability may be less. Depending on the capacity, the SSD 330 provides as little as 12,000 IOPS/20,500 IOPS for random read/writes, which is even lower than the SSD 320 offers. Intel has also shortened its warranty for the SSD 330 to three years from five years.

If that doesn't bother you, it looks like the SSD 330 combines decent performance and a low price for people looking for a cheap SSD update. Will Intel's new drive make your next upgrade list?