Intel-Micron venture opens Nand flash fab in Singapore

IM Flash, a joint venture between Intel and Micron Technology, has opened a $3bn factory in Singapore that will produce 25nm and 20nm chips

IM Flash, the joint venture between Intel and Micron Technology, has officially opened its Nand flash memory facility in the island state.

The $3bn (£1.8bn) factory, which was originally slated to open in December 2008, met with delays and was at one point even shuttered, leaving 800 workers without jobs. Plans for the fab were revived in 2010, and the company initiated hiring in anticipation of ramping up production.

At the launch of the facility on Thursday, IM Flash Singapore's managing director Chen Kok Sing said that the decision to "hibernate" investments in the plant during the downturn was "not a mistake" and it was necessary for the company to be "prudent". According to Chen, the company has been ramping production of Nand flash memory based on the 25nm process technology since mid-2010. The plant is also expected to manufacture chips using the 20nm process.

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