Intel, Microsoft top clean energy ranking

The EPA has released an updated ranking of the top 50 organizations that use renewable energy to power their U.S. operations.

Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp. use the most clean energy to power their U.S. operations, according to the EPA's updated list of the top 50 organizations that chose to use electricity from renewable sources.

The agency's Green Power Partnership, which updates the list quarterly, said Intel uses clean energy to cover 100 percent of its electricity load. Microsoft moved into second place by increasing its green power use to more than 1,9 billion kilowatt-hours annually. Kohl's came in third, followed by Whole Foods and Walmart.

The U.S. Department of Energy, Staples, Starbucks' company-owned stores, Lockheed Martin Corp and Apple rounded out the top 10 on the clean energy list. This is the first year Apple, which now sources 85 percent of its nationwide electricity from clean energy, has made it on the top 50 list.

Apple said in an environmental report released in March that its data centers are now powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Check out the EPA chart below for the details on the top 10.

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