Intel Mobile Module to enable fast, new notebooks

Intel yesterday formally announced its latest strategic PC "building blocks" designed to provide the springboard to make Pentium MMX processors ubiquitous across desktops and notebooks.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

For notebook PCs, Intel announced its Mobile Module, a plug-in cartridge for motherboards that combines 150MHz or 166MHz MMX processor, chipset, L2 cache, voltage regulator and clock. The module is designed to make it easier for notebook makers to get new processors to market in notebook PCs, Intel said. Notebooks based on Mobile Modules will ship this year.

Intel also confirmed the arrival of its long awaited 430TX PCIset chipset for desktops and notebooks. The chipset integrates support for Concurrent PCI; the Dynamic Power Management Architecture (DPMA) that allows PCs to offer an "always on" mode; synchronous DRAM (SDRAM); Universal Serial Bus; and Ultra DMA 33Mb/sec drive transfer rates.

The final product announcement was the 380FB Dock Set for docking stations incorporating PCI hot docking.

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