Intel, MS detail PC98 platform

Intel and Microsoft are fighting back against the doubters who say RISC-based boxes such as NCs signal the end of the 'Wintel' platform dominance in the PC market.
Written by Marc Ambasna Jones, Contributor

PC98 is a draft design guide which suggests basic desktop PC requirements for next year will include a 200MHz Pentium MMX, 256Kb L2 cache, 32Mb RAM, a minimum of one Universal Serial Bus (USB) port and user protection from incorrectly installing peripherals. The inclusion of ISA is also an option, despite its lack of Plug and Play capability.

The design guide is aimed at desktop and notebook design although Microsoft is looking to extend it to servers. Final versions of the guide should be available by June, when Intel partners such as Compaq will have had time to make an input.

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