Intel, muvee bring digital world to Asian homes

The two companies are joining hands to launch a digital video contest, with an aim to accelerate the growth of digital home living in the region.

Intel and Singapore's muvee Technologies, a digital video software provider, have jointly launched a digital video contest, in a bid to bring digital home technologies to households throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Participants in the "Click, Style, Show" competition must edit their raw, digital video footage and pictures using muvee autoProducer software, and submit their entries to vie for the title of Most Creative and Fun Video.

The competition is part of Intel's strategy to move beyond providing just computing hardware, and into the living rooms of consumers. The chipmaker joins other technology vendors such as HP, that have begun targeting this market segment.

"The collaboration with Singapore-based muvee, helps us to deliver the benefits of the digital home throughout Asia," Marta Debellis, digital home brand manager, branding and promotions marketing group, Intel Asia Pacific, said in a media statement.

"As we see more families and consumers in the region integrating technology in the home for communication and entertainment, programs like muvee's make it easy for them to have greater access to technology."

The online competition will end October 9, and is currently running in various countries across Asia including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.