Intel readies DIY PC camera kit

Intel today stepped up its efforts to front yet another area of personal computing – digital cameras.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The chip giant announced its 971 PC Camera Kit to allow PC makers to make cameras for all. The Kit features camera silicon, software, schematics, documentation and suggested manufacturing procedures.

"Leading manufacturers can use the Intel 971 PC Camera Kit to accelerate the production of affordable, easy-to-use portable PC cameras that complement a variety of PC-based imaging software," said Peter Green, general manager of Intel's digital peripherals division (DPD).

Intel sees the kit enabling cameras capable of up to 17.6 million colours and 758 x 576 resolution that connect to Pentium II-based PCs through USB ports. Images can be stored on Flash Miniature Cards and use the FlashPix file format.

Intel claims Aztech., Lite-On and Samsung all plan cameras based on the kit and specification.

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