Intel reveals 10-inch Android tablet aimed at schools

Intel has unveiled the specs of a new toughened tablet powered by its Atom Z2520 processor.

Chipmaker Intel has shown off designs for a new 10-inch tablet aimed at schools.

Machines based on the new 'Intel Education Tablet' design will run Android 4.2 and be powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z2520, with an Intel GMA powering 1080p video playback; have 1GB or 2GB of RAM; up to 32GB of Flash storage and front and rear facing cameras. Intel is claiming the tablets will deliver an average of 12 hours of battery life. Wifi connectivity will be included and 3G will be optional.

The new design is a follow-up to the reference designs for seven and ten-inch Android tablets aimed at the education market, based on the Intel Atom Z2420 and Z2460 processors,  announced last year .

The design for the 10-inch Intel Education Tablet, shown with a snap-on magnification lens and plug-in thermal probe. Image: Intel

The reference design for the new tablet was revealed by Intel at the Bett 2014 education technology show in London today.

Intel also detailed the reference design for its new Intel classmate PC at the show. Classmate PCs will be based on the Intel Celeron processor N2806 and run Windows 8.1. The device can include an optional touchscreen and rotatable camera.

Windows 7 and Linux OS-based classmate PCs, running on the Intel Celeron N2805 processor, will be introduced later this year.

The HP Classmate Notebook PC is the first commercial product based on the new classmate PC reference design and is expected to be available this month in all regions worldwide apart from Asia-Pacific, where it will get a release later this Spring.

Tablets and the PCs based on these designs will also be toughened to withstand spillages and short falls.

The machines will also ship with a range of educational apps and support educational hardware add-ons, such as a snap-on magnification tool and a temperature sensor probe that plugs into the audio jack.