Intel Security teams with VMware, Ericsson; adds public cloud suite for McAfee

The old IT culture wanted other corporate departments to back off and let specialists do their work. Now, IT security is front and center from boardrooms to the Oval Office, according to Intel.

Intel brought a boatload of security software and data management upgrades to the annual RSA expo in San Francisco this week.

Many of these updates are meant to reflect a combination of innovation as well as a culture shift within IT departments, based on comments by Intel Security senior vice president Chris Young.

"It's difficult for us to change when we're merely just trying to survive the status quo in our industry. We all know the statistics," admitted Young while speaking at Tuesday morning's keynote.

Nevertheless, there is plenty of room for optimism as Young stressed the conversation about IT security has become more open -- even within IT itself.

Young acknowledged that the old IT culture wanted other corporate departments to back off and let specialists do their work.

Now, IT security is on the agenda and being discussed from boardrooms to the Oval Office, Young posited.

"We know the data we have is not going to change that much. We know we'll get a lot more of it," Young continued. "But we can change how we look at the information available to us. We might start to feel differently about it."

The processor giant is relying on some significant alliances to achieve its own IT security agenda.

On mobile, for example, Intel Security will be collaborating with Ericsson on managed security solutions aimed toward telecom operators for distribution with respective enterprise IT offerings.

For bigger, overarching IT enterprise schemes, Intel has forged a new partnership with VMware for automating security on software-defined networking environments.

Joint customers will have access to distributed services from VMware's NSX network virtualization platform in conjunction with deployment and scaling security layers tied to the network security platform of Intel subsidiary McAfee.

The McAfee portfolio itself is also being treated to a myriad of nips and tucks here and there from email management to advanced threat detection to next-gen firewalls for better user ID security.

But the real addition for McAfee this week is the launch of its Public Cloud Server Security Suite, which takes a closer look at protecting guests on a given network and the workloads brought with them.

The suite relies on automation and integrated communications, sharing information about threat detections across all endpoints withe aim of reacting to incoming attacks faster.

McAfee's Public Cloud Server Security Suite is now available via Amazon Web Services as a paid, direct listing on Amazon Marketplace. Priced by the hour, subscribers are only billed when actively using the line of service.

"The reality is we cannot continue to confuse hard work with results," Young remarked. "The reality is we're being outplayed in our industry. The good news is that it's not game over for us."