Intel ships P-233 MMX

Intel today began selling a 233MHz version of its Pentium MMX processor, already the eleventh chip since the firm christened its multimedia extensions technology in January this year.

In a prepared statement, Intel said that over 30 European PC makers are releasing systems that house the new part. They include Viglen, Dell, Vobis, Opus, Siemens Nixdorf, Mitsubishi Electric, Packard Bell and Research Machines.

Intel claims that more the number of software titles that have been optimised for MMX is in three figures and that 42 are currently on sale in the UK. Most are games and 'edu-tainment' titles but graphics tools such Adobe's PhotoDeluxe and Kai's Power Goo are also among the number.

"The Pentium processor with MMX technology has been Intel's fastest selling processor ever," said Pierre Mirjolet, European marketing manager at Intel.