Intel shows off its new toys

Intel puts down its chips for a day and instead demonstrates interactive cameras and microscopes for kids at ECTS
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Microprocessor firm Intel showed a more playful side at ECTS this week, demonstrating a range of technological toys. The Intel Play range of smart toys, which will be released in the UK in September, includes a high-tech microscope and camera designed to entertain and enthrall youngsters.

The Intel Play Me2Cam camera gives kids a taste of virtual reality, letting them enter five different games, including a snowboarding slalom. The QX3 Computer Microscope lets users to magnify and manipulate digital images on-screen. Intel expects the toys, targeted at four-year-olds and above, to be a big hit with the next generation of technology enthusiasts.

Intel also demonstrated a simulation of a fully networked home with broadband connectivity in almost every room, a vision of what it believes will be the next step in home technology. "Intel is pushing forward the boundaries of the PC", commented Joachim Aertebjerg, European market developer at Intel.

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