Intel shows off new mobile Duo chip

The chip giant is planning to storm the market with at least 230 laptop designs based on the platform, making over 100 of these available in the Asia-Pacific region.

SINGAPORE--Intel expects to ship a million of its new mobile-platform chip worldwide by the end of the month, said a senior executive at the launch of the company's Centrino Duo mobile processor here this week.

According to Gary Willihnganz, Intel's Asia-Pacific director of marketing, the chipmaker--together with its OEM partners--will be flooding the market with at least 230 laptop designs based on the Centrino Duo architecture.

Over 100 designs alone will be released in the Asia-Pacific region during the first quarter of this year, he revealed, adding that OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) Acer and Powermatic will be the first to market some of these new laptops.

All the notebooks will run on Intel's new mobile dual-core processor, formerly code-named Yonah, which is based on the company's 65-nanometer process technology.

According to Intel, the Centrino Duo mobile technology should improve performance by more than 70 percent and reduce battery consumption by 28 percent over previous-generation platforms.

During a product demo, a company official showed how a Centrino Duo-powered laptop--suited up as an entertainment device--can be used to compute enhanced three-dimensional graphics, and as a high-definition TV.

Partners such as Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba, were also present at the launch to showcase their latest notebooks based on the Centrino Duo mobile processor.

According to Willihnganz, business users can benefit from the technology's improved multitasking and collaboration capabilities, features which are useful for applications such as voice and video-over-IP to perform better.

The Intel Core Duo processors T2300, T2400, T2500, and T2600 are priced at US$241, US$294, US$423 and US$637, respectively, when purchased in 1,000-unit quantities.