Intel speeds up SpeedStep

New mobile chip runs at 700MHz with power-saving technology

Intel Monday introduced the fastest mobile processor yet featuring its SpeedStep technology, which allows chips to run at faster clock speeds without significantly reducing battery life.

The chip giant first launched SpeedStep in Pentium III processors running at 600MHz and 650MHz in January. Both chips clock down to 500MHz when the laptop is in low-power mode. Those chips are now joined by a 700MHz PIII that revs down to 550MHz.

Intel also released Monday a mobile Celeron processor running at 550MHz. The Celeron does not use SpeedStep.

All three SpeedStep processors processors feature a 100MHz system bus, 256k, full-speed Advanced Transfer Cache, Advanced System Buffering and Internet Streaming SIMD extensions, according to Intel.

The new SpeedStep Pentium III is priced at $562 (about £342), and the mobile Celeron is $170. Both prices are for quantities of 1,000 units, and both processors are available in full production quantities now.

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