Intel still short of Pentium Pro chips

Intel says it won't be on top of its chip shortage until well into 1997.

Earlier this month, the chip giant said it was experiencing shortages of 100MHz, 133MHz and 166MHz Pentiums and 200MHz Pentium Pro processors, caused by poor yields. The chip giant says it has conquered the Pentium problem but is still having problems coping with demand for 180MHz and 200MHz Pentium Pro parts.

"We resolved the Pentium situation very quickly [but] there are still some shortages of the Pentium Pro processor at 180MHz and 200MHz," a spokeswoman said. "Pentium Pro shipments will increase substantially month by month in the fourth quarter [of the year] and from the fourth quarter through the first quarter of 1997. Part of the reason for the shortage is the tremendously fast ramp."