Intel takes wireless docking, display tools to vPro

The enterprise version of Intel's Core processors will include wireless docking and display technologies along with improved manageability features.

Intel on Thursday launched its latest version of its Intel Core vPro processors, which are designed for enterprise management and bring the company's wireless display and docking technologies to the workplace.

The vPro line's biggest feature to date has been its built-in security and enterprise management tools, but the addition of Intel Pro Wireless Display (WiDi) and Wireless Docking technologies are worth noting.

Intel demonstrated the wireless display and docking features at the Consumer Electronics Show this month and added them to the fifth generation vPro processors.

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According to the chip giant, there are a bevy of commercial 2-in-1 devices, ultrabooks and mini PCs that will include the vPro features. Some models are already available.

Intel's big pitch for its vPro is that the processors enable and secure a mobile workforce. The corporate PC refresh based on the end of life for Windows XP has largely played out and the industry needs to stoke demand.

Among the key items in the latest vPro processors:

  • Built-in data encryption if the vPro is paired with Intel's solid state drives (Pro 2500 Series).
  • Identity protection to simplify authentication.
  • Remote management over wired and wireless networks via Intel's active management technology.
  • Improved battery life as well as the aforementioned wireless display and docking technologies.