Intel to acquire security networking firm Sensory Networks for about $20M

Intel wants the software pattern matching technology firm to extend its security capabilities.

Intel has signed an agreement to acquire Sensory Networks for a reported $20 million.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company, with offices in Sydney, Australia, was founded in 2002. Its core technology maps networks at high speed, looking for patterns, such as spam, malware, and other intrusions.

Dubbed HyperScan, the software can be used to scan large amounts of data at high speed in a short space of time, the company says, such as deep-packet inspection systems. It runs on a number of platforms and processors, including Intel chips.

Sensory already works with McAfee, which was bought by Intel for $7.7 billion in 2010 . The deal, at least with that considered, comes together as the chipmaker continues to develop and invest in security. 

Earlier this year, Intel bought firewall company Stonesoft for $389 million  in efforts to further develop its McAfee platform. 


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