IntelligenceBank courts SaaS niche

Specialisation reaps rewards in the cloud information management market, according to IntelligenceBank, reports David Hassan.

IntelligenceBank provides a range of niche Business to Business apps "to help teams securely manage files and data according to their unique business processes," says CEO Tessa Court. These apps include a paperless meeting portal for boards and committees, a compliance platform, knowledge management, and digital asset management.

Court founded the Melbourne-based business in 2009 with a platform including file management, forms and databases, and live data feeds, which was designed to be adaptable to the information management requirements of any business.

IntelligenceBank CEO Tessa Court

Despite IntelligenceBank's "solid growth" and a list of large corporate and government clients, Court was not satisfied with the original platform's "extremely long sales cycle compared to the price point" in the company's first three years in business.

"In 2012, I made the strategic decision to productize our platform offering into niche business apps, and to enable customers to buy our services online to achieve rapid growth and attract a global client base," she said.

The business has fifteen full-time employees and its services are hosted in two Tier 1 data centres in Australia and one in the United States.

The company now has over 25,000 end-users and boasts a list of large corporate clients including National Australia Bank (NAB), Suncorp, and global online job board Seek.  Deloitte and global marketers FutureBrand are important partners in service delivery.

According to Court, a quarter of IntelligenceBank's clients are federal, state and local government departments and agencies. She emphasises that data belonging to government clients reside in Australia, and the business offers private clouds to those who wish their data to be kept locally.

The company's place on the Australian Department of Finance’s Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) Multi Use List (MUL) has been a useful credential when engaging potential Federal government clients, she adds.

Court says the information management market is crowded, but sees IntelligenceBank's offering inhabiting the middle ground between what she feels is the costly and time-consuming Microsoft Sharepoint development platform and more one-dimensional Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

IntelligenceBank's growth plan for the next two years includes doubling its range of product offerings, and mobilising its new e-commerce capability to generate new international business, particularly from the United States.