Intel's Atom underpins hosting server

The start-up has launched what it describes as the world's most energy-efficient server, employing 256 Intel Atom processors

SeaMicro said on Monday it has begun shipping what it calls the world's most energy-efficient server, running on Intel's Atom processor.

SeaMicro Atom server

SeaMicro has launched what it calls the world's most energy-efficient server, the SM10000-64, featuring Intel Atom chips. Photo credit: SeaMicro

The start-up has launched the SM10000-64, a box that integrates 256 Intel Atom dual-core 1.66GHz processors and 512 64-bit cores into a 10-rack unit system. These machines are mostly designed for hosting environments. SeaMicro says it can cut power and space by more than 75 percent without software modifications. The company has a 1.28 terabit/second fabric that allows for more bandwidth than traditional servers. This setup allows the server to run things like Hadoop without network bottlenecks.

The SeaMicro SM10000-64 system also features 1.024 terabytes of DDR3 DRAM, and up to 64 solid state or hard-disk drives. Its US price tag is $148,000 (£90,000).

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see SeaMicro: Welcome to the world of $148K Atom servers on

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