Interactive poster responds to your kiss

Getting up close and seeing your favorite celebrity blush after being kissed - even thought it is only a poster.

Forget static posters -- what if the pin-up your daughter has on her bedroom wall could respond to her overtures?

It may sound like a concept from the world of Harry Potter, but scientists at Japan's Keio University have developed just that -- a poster that responds when a person kisses it.

The creative mind behind the poster, Keidai Ogawa, explained that he began to develop the idea after becoming frustrated and annoyed at the static nature of his pop idol and celebrity posters.

The technology behind the interactive poster is disarmingly simple. The poster is displayed on a screen, and the images portrayed depend on the distance between user and poster. By using an overhead electronic sensor, the poster flips images based on the proximity of an individual.

Once you hone in, the image changes from the default to the 'moment before' a kiss -- and then blushes and giggles afterwards.

According to Time, the team have big plans for their posters. If the technology is developed further, it is possible that the interactive posters could be used within commercial campaigns. "We think we could get pop idols to actually pose for this, and sell it as an application, or it could be used in digital signage,” Ogawa explained.

The scheme has also included user input -- exploring the realm beyond visual change to enhance the experience of a user. Fan-based submissions included the scent of shampoo, a speaker that whispers 'I love you', and lemon-flavored film on the poster's lips.

It doesn't stop there. The developers are currently working on an iPad version, using the inbuilt camera technology to replace the poster's overhead sensor.


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