Interesting non-financial numbers shared by TCS in Q2 results

In a positive Q2 report, TCS shared details about their intellectual property (520 applied patents), employees (214,349) and clients (1,010).

The quarterly results of a company are about financial numbers. Those are boring. During TCS's Q2 results, the company shared a lot of numbers, the financial numbers have been received positively by those who understand them. Tucked within the report card are some non-financial numbers about the company's progress in the past quarter and few years:

  • Number of active clients: 1,010 (35 new clients added in Q2)
  • 214,770 total employees on payroll
  • 20,349 new employees
  • 5,000 students offered jobs across 200 campuses (60,000 more employees to be hired during FY 2011-2012)
  • Attrition rate down to 13.7% from 14.8% in Q1
  • 520 patents applied for with 109 in Q3 (68 granted so far)
  • Estimated IP worth between $114 to $171 Million (according to ipCaital Group considering a total of 313 patents in the US)

The Q2 financial highlights shared by TCS:

  • Revenues for the quarter—$2.52 billion
  • North America contributed to 53% of the revenue (24.5% increase YoY)
  • 43.5% revenues from the financial sector (TCS BaNCS continues to be a popular software)
  • Net income for the quarter is at  $528 Million

Sources: ipCapital Press Release, TCS Press Release & Business Line (1) and (2)


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