Internap provides colo services to power Scanline's high-end visual effects

Scanline VFX moves entire internal data center to colo provider.

To create the complex visual effects needed for items such as the water and fire effects found in feature films like 300: Rise of an Empire, Batman Vs. Superman, Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, and San Andreas, Scanline VFX needs to be able to run thousands of simulations and renders concurrently, manipulating more than 210 petabytes of data on a daily basis. As their internal space became filled, Scanline decided to go colocation for their entire internal DC infrastructure, choosing the high-density service from provider Internap as their preferred location.

Internap's high-density power support (up to 18kW, on demand, per rack) allows Scanline to scale as necessary without using additional floor space in Internap's fully redundant Los Angeles data center, where Scanline has migrated their data center. They are also making use of Internap's high-performance interconnects between their data centers to maintain redundancy as well as backing up the LA-based render farms.


The ability to expand their capabilities without the need for investing in the supporting infrastructure was a major draw for Scanline VFX. This is an excellent example of what colo providers have long claimed was the basis for their existence; it is their business to provide the data center infrastructure and facility support while their clients can focus on their business, which is not supporting data center operations but running, in this case, visual effects and modeling for film and television.