Internet donates computers to charity

Charities get Web savvy with the launch of Computers for Charities website

At the click of a 'Donate' button, Internet users across the UK will be able to play a part in providing several charities with essential IT services and equipment. Computersforcharities, launched last week as an initiative conceived by Computer Shopper magazine.

For every 1,000 clicks the site receives, its sponsors Microsoft, AMD and Life Software have pledged to donate £10 worth of computer equipment to a nominated charity.

Each of the sponsors has promised to donate a minimum value of IT equipment and services, but visitors can maximise this contribution by clicking the 'Donate' button on the homepage (only one click per person can be counted each day).

The Computers for Charities campaign has so far received requests ranging from hardware to application software and Internet access from around 30 charities. Although most charities are simply looking for a computer and a printer according to Mick Thorburn, publisher of Computer Shopper magazine.

"It's very hard for charities to justify spending their funds on technology, when you've got someone in Africa holding a cup out for rice. If we give them the technology to do their job, they can more efficiently focus on helping others."

The Computers for Charities Web site has adapted the model used by global charity sites and Both have grown swiftly since launch.

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