Internet Explorer gets rebranded

But will a new logo and a new name make up for lack of standards support?

Internet Explorer is to get a makeover with the arrival of IE 7, including a revised logo and name.

Internet Explorer will now be known as Windows Internet Explorer and the 'e' logo will get an update too.

According to a posting made to Microsoft's IE 7 developers blog, the team had wanted a more radical departure from IE's old look but decided IE users were too at home with the old look.

Tony Chor, group program manager of the IE team, wrote: "We considered more radical departures from our current logo but [the] blue 'e' with the ring is very recognisable and familiar to users, so we elected instead to make more subtle changes."

IE 7 will have two logos, according to Chor — one when it's released as a standalone product and another when it is shipped with Windows Vista.

The schism will ensure IE 7's logo will be more in keeping with the Vista look.