Internet is 'king of directory enquiries'

Now that the 192 directory enquiries number is dead, the Internet is the best way to look up a number in the UK, according to a survey

The best way to access directory enquiries is over the Internet -- because when compared to any of the new 118 premium rate directory enquiry services, it is easier, quicker and cheaper, says a new survey.

In a survey of the newly deregulated services, The Evening Standard  tested 15 different telephone-based directory enquiries companies along with three online services. All the companies were asked for the same three numbers and then rated out of ten, depending on the length of the call, its cost and the overall service received.

Calls to the 118 numbers cost between 76p (118 800) and £1.96 (11 88 66) and took between one minute 31 seconds (Orange) and five minutes 26 seconds (11 88 66). However, finding the numbers using online services took between 58 seconds and two minutes but was free.

Ukphonebook was rated the best with BT's directory enquiries and coming in a joint second.

A BT spokesman observed that although the quickest and cheapest way to look up numbers is via the Internet, "it depends on whether you have access to a computer."