Internet users believe in space creatures

Research finds 47 percent of all Internet users think aliens do exist

Keen Internet users are far more likely to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial space organisms than those who shy away from computers, a new study has discovered.

The research, which was commissioned by @Demon magazine, found this to be the most significant difference between Internet enthusiasts and non-Internet users indicating that while only one in three non-Internet users believe in space creatures, a whopping 47 percent of all Internet users think aliens do exist.

This statistic is apparently endorsed by the overwhelming popularity of NASA's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project among Internet users. This project allows Internet users to contribute excess CPU power towards trying to interpret possible radio messages from outer space.

The research carried out by @Demon, which is produced by online service provider Demon Internet, also indicates that in many ways Internet users differ little from entirely normal people. It found for example that Internet users are just as stressed as non-Internet users and are just as apathetic towards the monarchy.

A spokesman from @Demon puts Internet users peculiar faith in the existence of aliens, down to a firm belief in the wonder of technology. "More intelligent people do tend to believe in this sort of thing," he says. "And NASA has spent millions researching it. Net-users are also more aware of technology and so more open to the idea of extraterrestrial life."

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