Internode more than doubles upstream speeds

Internode more than doubles upload speeds

South Australian ISP Internode announced on Monday that it is ready to start trialling a broadband service that offers upstream speeds of 2.5Mbps, which more than doubles the previous maximum of 1Mbps.

The ADSL2+ broadband service offers 24Mbps download speed and will be most useful to remote workers that need to send large files, according to Internode's managing director Simon Hackett.

"This is brilliant for virtual workplaces... Sending and saving files to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) will get much faster. Internode's peak upstream speeds will be up to 10 times faster than Telstra's fastest ADSL upstream rates," said Hackett in a statement.

The speed boost is possible, according to Internode, because of an international standard called Annex M as opposed to Annex A, which is more commonly used but can only offer a maximum upload speed of 1mbps.

Internode is looking for a "limited number of participants" for the trial.

"As the trial is for a limited number of participants, we don't expect to be able to offer a trial slot to every applicant. This is not a first-come-first-served trial. We will handpick participants from customers who apply in order to obtain a good spread of exchange locations and line lengths for testing," said Hackett.

The trial is expected to run till the end of the year.