Interview: Marshall Tuck, CEO of the Partnership for LA Schools

The Partnership for LA Schools is doing some pretty incredible work and has the data to back up its approaches.

I had the chance to interview Marshall Tuck, CEO of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, last week. They've been managing some of LA's most troubled schools and have begun introducing blended learning tools to make improvements in math and English outcomes beyond what they've already achieved with improvements in pedagogy and changes in management and instructional practices.

The Partnership released data at the end of August demonstrating the improvements on the CSTs (the California Standards Test) and associated many of the shifts towards increased proficiency with the use of ST Math and Lexia Learning's adaptive instructional software. Although I'm not a big fan of high-stakes standardized tests, they are useful for demonstrating the results of particular interventions. According to a Partnership press release,

“These CST scores represent the best year yet for the Partnership for LA Schools,” said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “We saw improvements in all core subjects, and substantial gains at most of the schools...

Mayor Villaraigosa launched the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools in 2007 to focus reform and resources on a set of historically low performing schools and to help drive change in LAUSD. It is one of the largest public school turnaround efforts in the nation, serving more than 16,000 low-income students in 22 schools located in high-need urban  neighborhoods across East L.A., Watts, and South LA. 

Check out the interview below. 

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