Interview with Sling Media executives

I met with Jason Krikorian (VP, Business Development) and Brian Jaquet (Director, Public Relations) of Sling Media to chat about the past, present, and future of the Slingbox. They are happy with the sales of the Slingbox and are expanding into various areas of the world, including a recent announcement in Hong Kong.


I had the pleasure of meeting with a couple of Sling Media executives last week as they were passing through the area and just posted my interview transcript on The Slingbox has been available now for just over 14 months and is quite successful for a new product and concept. I personally use SlingPlayer PC on my Samsung Q1 UMPC device when I travel all the time and spent a couple hours in my hotel last month watching a few episodes of Star Gate SG-1 via my Comcast DVR while in Texas. Sling Media is working to expand their mobile offerings and keeps improving and adding features to their SlingPlayer clients. Check out what they had to say last week and take advantage of the current offer for a free copy of SlingPlayer Mobile that is good until September 16th.