Intervolve: from boutique web agency to national hosting specialist

Adelaide-based cloud provider Intervolve looks to hybrid cloud for further growth, reports David Hazan.

Intervolve was founded in 1998 as a boutique web-development agency primarily servicing organisations in Adelaide.

"As client requirements grew with a particular focus on mission-critical uptime experiences, we began to focus solely on specialist hosting solutions, provided from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney," says Intervolve sales and marketing manager, Sean Moneghittie.

The company now operates from six data centres spread across Australia. Its 30 staff service the needs of around 600 clients. Intervolve's range of services includes data centre services, co-location, dedicated servers, managed services, virtual private servers, and managed network servers.

"Having grown from a boutique web agency to a fully fledged data centre operator, we are uniquely positioned to understand and deliver on a wide variety of customer and industry requirements," Moneghittie says.

According to Moneghittie, Intervolve's clients include organisations from the IT, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, tourism, retail, and education sectors, as well as community organisations, government agencies and departments.

"Whilst eastern state hosting space is leased from larger data centre facilities," he said. "We built our own data centre in Adelaide, released January 2011, with the further DC2 expansion set to be released in August 2014."

Intervolve now provides its services from the newest data centre in Adelaide — the only northern suburbs data centre to complement disaster recovery requirements, Moneghittie claims.

The company is now listed on the Australian Department of Finance's Data-centre-as-a-service (DCaaS) Multi Use List (MUL), though Moneghittie admits that this has had little to no effect on its business.

Within the next two years, the company is looking to expand to provide specialised hybrid cloud solutions for security-conscious clients with regulatory compliance requirements.