Interwoven bundles content management with reseller products

With a new partner program, Interwoven will be offering components of its content management products to resellers and OEM to be integrated into their product suites.
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SINGAPORE - Interwoven, Inc. has launched a new partner initiative to embed its content management functionalities in the products of e-business applications providers.

Available immediately, Interwoven is offering components of its product suite to e-business application providers who need content management solutions to complete their offerings.

"The demand for our content management solutions as an OEM-type product has been unprecedented," said Martin Brauns, CEO and president for Interwoven. "It makes sense for us to now take that leadership position into the OEM market for e-business solution providers as well."

The initiative is aimed at e-business application providers who service the Global 2000 and supports a range of product models including OEM and reseller arrangements.

Interwoven's content management components will be tightly integrated into a reseller's products suite, offering not only an integrated solution to end-users, but also the ability to migrate to purely Interwoven solutions such as the TeamSite software.

Two new partners have taken advantage of the initiative: Art Technology Group (ATG) and BEA Systems, Inc.

BEA has begun delivering an out-of-the-box content management included with its WebLogic Commerce Server 3.1 to customers.

"Based on experience with joint customers such as British Airways and Qantas, we developed this solution with Interwoven for businesses that want to minimize the prolonged selection and buying process," said Ivan Koon, president, BEA e-commerce application components division. "BEA and Interwoven are committed to providing bundled solutions that allow companies to quickly deploy relevant and differentiated content that drives preferred online customer relationships."

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