Intigua launches platform that virtualizes the management layer

Newton, Mass-based Intigua Platforms has launched a new platform that virtualizes the management layer (not just VMs) and applies the concept of virtualization to management agents. It is available on a usage-based subscription model, with pricing starting at $75 per server per year.

With application and server virtualization ubiquitous and storage and networking virtualization right around the corner, is there any IT asset that can't be virtualized?

No, says Intigua, of Newton, Mass., which is is bringing systems management to the virtualization table. 

Its namesake platform, which aimes to simplify management of virtual, cloud and physical infrastructures, virtualizes management agents. These management agents, dubbed vAgents, are decoupled from the virtual machines they manage yet are said to provide the same functionality of installed agents.

Here's how the company describes the platform:

"Intigua utilizes the same core principles that have been so successful in server and application virtualization. It creates virtual versions of existing management agents, called vAgents, that are decoupled from the machines they manage yet provide the same functionality as installed agents," the company wrote in a statement released today.

"Intigua’s virtual agents (vAgents) encapsulate an agent’s executable code and place it inside a wrapper. This wrapper decouples the vAgent’s processes from the target machine’s OS, allowing the vAgent to run in complete isolation – without installing on the target machine’s OS- yet providing the same functionality as an installed agent," the company added.

The company was founded in 2010 and names the Cedar Fund as its key investor. The management team has experience at CheckPoint Technologies, Microsoft, Softricity and nLayers.

It's an interesting approach, given growing concerns about VM sprawl and the necessity of building and managing hybrid enterprise infrastructures that incorporate physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Each of the leading platform vendors such as VMware, Microsoft and Red Hat back their own systems management platforms and  indeed even multi-vendor consortia within each layer, which back standards such as CMIS and VDI, have management solutions to increasingly complex infrastructures.

Intigua offers yet another new spin on the concept of virtualization.

One customer quoted on the startup's press release today identified the core value of the Platform.

“Managing agents was very time-consuming and disruptive, and the agents were consuming too much CPU, causing key applications to crash. This was unacceptable for a private cloud financial software company like ours. We tried agentless products, but got too many false positives,” said Jerry Nelson, senior manager at  Intel Systems, Open Solutions.

“With Intigua, we can finally run management tools without worrying about cumbersome agent maintenance or performance issues. Deploying or upgrading an agent is as easy as dragging and dropping a file, and the process takes minutes instead of weeks or months. With its single-pane-of-glass dashboard, we can now see all agent activity inside all our 2,500 VMs from a single location, and easily troubleshoot problems. To protect our applications and prevent outages, Intigua will even automatically throttle down agents when CPU exceeds our pre-defined limits. Intigua is our magic bullet.”