Introducing the world's first 'Twitter experience' hotel

A glimpse at the future of hotels -- or nothing more than a gimmick?

Themed hotels are nothing new. Whether medieval fantasy, chocolate or rock and roll takes your fancy, the industry earns lucrative business by offering something different or quirky.

Sol Wave House, a party hotel on Magaluf Beach, is no exception; it's hoping to capitalize on the social media explosion.

In particular, Twitter is being used as a medium to create a virtual community of guests called #SocialWave. If you hit it off, you can share pictures, meet up and tweet with others through a web application available through the hotel's Wi-Fi connection.

Parts of the hotel, including Bali beds -- used for a European variant of surfing -- are connected through the application. For example, you can tweet a message to "#BaliBed1." In addition, the hotel's owners hope to eventually extend the service to enable guests to use tweets to order food and drink, whether for themselves or someone they are interested in.

The hotel has been open a year and appears to be going strong. A "Twitter Party Suite" and social media-themed weekend events have been recently added.

While a hotel built around Twitter may seem gimmicky, the next generation expects to be connected and to be able to use the Internet to meet new people where ever they go. Hotels can either capitalize on that trend or lose out to others who surely will.

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Image credit: SolWave House


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