Intuit GoPayment automatically tallies state sales tax

The mobile credit card reader taps into geolocation features on your mobile device to calculate city, state and municipal taxes for a given transaction.

Intuit has updated its GoPayment mobile credit card payment technology with a feature that uses your mobile device's geolocation capability to automatically figure out state sales tax.

The technology is based on Avalara AvaTax, which uses city, state and municipal tax codes to compute the sales tax necessary for a given mobile transaction. So it helps ensure that a small business that maybe moves around from place to place across a region can ensure that it is collecting the right taxes -- without having to be an expert in local tax code.

AvaTax is different from other sales computation tools in that it uses latitude and longitude coordinates, rather than a manually entered zip code, to figure out the taxes.

The new feature works with GoPayment for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices, according to Intuit.