Intuit launches 'Brainstorm' collaboration tool

Intuit will bring its online collaboration tool, Brainstorm, to market.

Intuit on Tuesday announced that it will bring its online collaboration tool, Brainstorm, to market.

The Web-based platform, which was initially developed for use within the company, is intended to facilitate creativity and innovation by allowing employees to share, experiment and collaborate on new ideas via an online crowdsourcing platform.

It's the latest entry in a crowded (no pun intended) field of tools aiming to make it easier for employees to, ironically, work together.

The question for each one of them: is it stupid-simple?

It must be, because the numbers say so.

Some figures from Intuit:

  • More than half of Intuit's 8,000 employees actively use it.
  • Rate of participation went up by 500 percent in a year's time.
  • The "number of ideas created" went up by a 1000 percent.
  • The number of businesses went up by a factor of 6; time to market went down by 60 percent.

Companies large and small have been piloting the software; business card maker Vistaprint and conglomerate General Electric have both deployed it within their companies.

Not bad for an idea by two fresh-faced employees, Tad Milbourn and Vlad Magdalin.

Brainstorm is available today with a 30-day free trial; after that, monthly pricing starts at $5 per user, with a $500 per month minimum.


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