Intuit redesigns GoPayment mobile credit-card reader

Financial software developer redesigns mobile credit-card reader technology for more accuracy.

FInancial software giant Intuit has redesigned its GoPayment Card Reader, a device that small businesses can use to accept credit card payments on the go.

The GoPayment reader, which is free, connects into the audio jack on most mobile devices that use Apple iOS or Google Android. It now includes a silicon sleeve that fits over the mobile devices, which helps keep the reader from moving around or spinning within the jack while a card is being swiped. The reading slot is now positioned at an angle, so that it is beveled and longer. That helps improve the likelihood that the card will be read accurately as it is swiped, according to Intuit.

Information read by the Intuit device is encrypted in order to protect transactions. Customers can improve on that security by requesting to approve transactions or to receive digital receipts that show the location of where a purchase took place.

The reader and the GoPayment application you need to run it are free; small businesses pay a fee to Intuit each time they accept and swipe a credit card for a transaction.