Intuit's latest service hooks up small businesses with accountants

The tax software giant's latest service is an online portal where small-business owners can find qualified CPAs.

Many small businesses use some sort of tax software application to compile data on income and expenses - and then hand all that information off to an accountant to manage the nightmare of preparing the returns.

So, it's not really surprising that tax software giant Intuit wants a bigger piece of that action. The company's new TurboTax CPA Select service is described as a "dating service" that helps small companies find certified public accountants (CPAs) that can help them with this rather onerous task. 

The small-business flavor of the service is priced starting at $349.95. It is specifically meant for small businesses or self-employeed individuals, and includes up to annual 10 "transactions" (such as stock sales), as well as home office deductions and depreciation.

After you find a CPA, the service lets you update all the associated documents securely. You can review the returns and communicate via a personal computer, tablet or smartphone.