InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard for Apple iPhone XS Max: Protection for your screen and your eyes

Tempered glass screen protectors offer display protection for your expensive phone while also giving you the same feel as the display itself. InvisibleShield offers a new product that also works to filter harmful light.

Image: ZAGG

Glass screen protectors today are a common accessory where the tempered glass acts as a sacrificial panel to fail when you drop your phone so that the actual phone display remains intact. The newest ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard product is now available for your Apple iPhone X, XS, and XS Max for $44.99.

The cost to replace a broken iPhone XS Max display is $29 with AppleCare+ and $329 if you do not have Apple's coverage. There is also an initial $199 fee for AppleCare+ for the iPhone XS Max, in addition to the screen replacement service fees. $228 or $329 is a lot to pay to repair a display so it seems prudent to spend about $45 to protect it and avoid these costs.

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Product details

The screen protector is a tempered glass protector that has ZAGG's EyeSafe technology that is designed to filter out portions of the harmful high energy visible (HEV) blue light spectrum coming from the device screen. Over the last couple of years we have seen companies including blue light/night modes where the light is changed in color to help protect our eyes from our displays.

According to The Nielsen Company, the average adult spends more than nine hours per day looking at computer and phone screens. ZAGG stated that this prolonged exposure to HEV blue light contributes to digital eye strain which can cause dry and irritated eyes, sleep disruption and loss, blurred vision, and premature eye aging. The EyeSafe layer should help, but this isn't something I could test in a week or two.

The screen protector features Ion Matrix technology and is advertised as adding three times the shatter protection of an unprotected screen.


With the flat iPhone XS Max display and EZ Apply Tray that serves as an alignment guide to help you simply place the protector down onto your phone there was no need for multiple attempts to line up the protector.

I cleaned the display, used the dust removal sticker (before and after installing the EZ Apply Tray), and then confirmed there was not a spec of dust on the screen. I peeled off the back of the front glass protector and placed it down within the EZ Apply Tray using the two clear tabs.

Start from the center and press down on the protector towards the edges to press it into place. Remove the EZ Apply Tray and remove the back protective plastic sheet, with the two tabs on it, from the display. My installation was flawless and there is not a single bubble under the protector. I was actually a bit stunned at how perfect the installation went since I thought there were bubbles present, but these were just bubbles under the back protective plastic installation sheet.

Daily usage experiences

It will take long term use to see if there is any noticeable relief from eye strain due to the protector, but it seems to me you would want this so why not choose this over a standard glass display for just a few more dollars. The iPhone XS Max has the best display of any smartphone and this glass protector doesn't take away anything from its brilliance.

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The fit is perfect and covers the entire viewable area. There is a bit of space around the edges so that you can use any case you like, such as the new Nomad Horween leather Rugged case or Rugged Tri-Folio, which are the ones I tested with this screen protector in place.

Visibility and touch sensitivity have not been impacted in any way with this protector installed. Performance has been flawless and I have a bit more peace of mind using my iPhone XS Max. My daughter recently dropped her iPhone 7 and the glass protector shattered while the iPhone's display was safe and sound. Given the extremely high cost of the iPhone XS Max, spending $44.95 for glass protection is a worthy investment with no real sacrifice in usability.