Iomega and Nomai kiss, make up, and get into bed together

After a long and bitter dispute Zip drive guru Iomega and pretender to the disk crown Nomai have not only settled their differences, but Iomega has purchased a majority stake in the French company.

Last year, Nomai began manufacture of "Zip-compatible" disks and Iomega's publicity vehicle went into over-drive, alleging everything from incompatibility to damage of drive heads.

After mixed successes in US and European courts, Nomai accepted Iomega's offer of $21 million for a majority shareholding in the company. Nomai agreed to stop making the 100Mb XHD disks, and acknowledge Iomega's copyright in all things Zip.

And with a healthy dose of techno-humility, Iomega will also pay $3 million for the technology that is used in the manufacture of Nomai's XHD disks.