Iomega intros pocket-sized USB 3.0 external solid state drives

Iomega has introduced a new petite and portable storage solution: the External USB 3.0 SSD Flash Drive.

Iomega has introduced a new petite and portable storage solution: the External USB 3.0 SSD Flash Drive.

Being 1.8-inches thick, these should fit comfortably in a large pocket and certainly almost any bag you want to tote around. And with that brushed-aluminum, metal enclosure, this USB 3.0 SSD can certainly take some trips - say drops up to 10 feet. No external power cords are required, and the new Iomega SSD drives backward compatible for USB 2.0.

Speaking of speed, Iomega's new SSD flash drive boasts speeds up to 10 times those used via USB 2.0, and Iomega asserts that these drives will act twice as fast as a 7200 RPM SATA hard drive operating with the same USB 3.0 interface.

Naturally, with something so small, it could get lost easily. Thus, there is security in the form of 256-bit hardware encryption plus bundled anti-virus and backup software.

Available in early November, the Iomega External SSD Flash Drive USB 3.0 will be churned out in three capacities: 64GB for $229.00, 128GB for $399.00, and 256GB for $749.00. Each one comes with a 3-year warranty.


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