iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra third public betas available for download

Finally, things are really starting to shape up.

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Two weeks following the release of the second crop of public betas, Apple has released the third public betas for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.

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Along with the usual crop of bug fixes and performance tweaks, this update appears to contain a number of functional updates. In iOS 11, I've come across changes to the Notification Center along with a number of refreshed icons for Notes, Reminders, and Contacts, while in macOS High Sierra there's an updated Contacts icon, as well as a Now Playing widget, which is a new addition to the platform.

It's early days with this release, but on first blush, I'd say things are finally shaping up.

If you want to try out these latest betas and have not yet signed up to the public beta program (I suggest you don't do this on any hardware you rely on, and even then I'd make sure I have a backup just in case things go wrong), then you can sign up here.

If you're already signed up to the beta program, then you can get these updates via the normal routes. (Settings > General > Software Update on iOS, then click the Apple icon, and go to App Store. From there, click on Updates in macOS.)

You can preview what's new in iOS 11 here, and get a rundown on the new features in macOS High Sierra here.

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