iOS 5 beta 3 includes highly-requested custom text tones

Since Lion and new MacBook Airs didn't arrive today let's turn our attention to iOS 5. Apple seeded iOS 5 beta 3 to developers on 7/11 and new features are starting to trickle out.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Since Lion and the new MacBook Airs didn't arrive today (and aren't likely to surface this week) let's turn our attention to iOS 5.

Apple seeded the third beta of iOS 5 to developers on 7/11 (a.k.a. Slurpee Day) and more and new features are starting to trickle out.

One of the most-requested iOS 5 features arrived in beta 3: custom text tones. This feature allows you to set a custom tone for any of your contacts that will play when they text you.

Per TechCrunch:

Then, there it was, sure-as-day: the “Buy More Tones” button sitting right in the Text Tone selection screen, where it’s never before seen its face. Scroll down a bit further, and sure enough: all of the same custom tones that people had bought or made for themselves as ringtones were sitting right there amongst the default text sounds.

TechZoom has been busily updating its list and has identified over 230 new iOS 5 features to date. Here are some of the new iOS 5 features that TechZoom has compiled since Apple released beta 3 to developers earlier this week:

  1. New icon design for Reminders
  2. Option to send or do not send location information to Apple
  3. System-wide location services control in addition to apps which we already have.
  4. Speed improvements
  5. Voice roaming ON / OFF toggle just like Data Roaming toggle
  6. Advanced preferences for Safari for data removal and debug information
  7. Create mailboxes from within Mail.app
  8. Advanced Assistive Touch control panel & functions for accessibility.
  9. Custom tones for almost everything under ‘Sounds’ with ‘Buy more tones’ button. (including most requested custom tone feature for text messages / SMS)
  10. Music app has a ‘Store’ button that takes us to iTunes Store
  11. Airplay feature now available to Facetime calls. So we can now see that video on TV

As usual Apple's isn't commenting on anything above beyond the few features that it already showcased and it's possible that Apple could pull features out of iOS 5 prior to its official release.

Has Apple missed any features that you were hoping for in iOS 5?

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