iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

iOS 5 is least for some iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners.

Excitement swept the Interwebs in the last few hours or so as iOS 5, the highly anticipated latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, was finally released.

And for some iOS users, that excitement has been swept away and replaced with frustration. In case you're afraid that it might be just you who is getting an error message about your phone and an internal error, don't worry -- it's not you, it's Apple.

The Twitterverse is being bombarded with Tweets from angry iOS users who so badly want to upgrade their mobile devices to take advantage of Find My Friends, the Apple Newsstand, iMessage, and much more. ZDNet's Ryan Naraine has been tweeting about a number of different attempts he's tried to get the upgrade to complete successfully, but so far it seems to be futile.

At this point, the best advice we might be able to offer is you is to hold off and not bother with the iOS 5 upgrade until later today or even this week. It's possible that Apple just can't handle all of the upgrade requests immediately -- or there is something else that is foul here.

Are any of you who are trying to update to iOS 5 incurring any problems? Better question: Has anyone been able to install iOS 5 successfully? And if so, how did you do it!?


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