iOS 8.3 fixes dozens of security vulnerabilities

A slew of security fixes were wrapped into Apple's latest operating system update.

(Image: CNET/CBS Interactive)

Apple has issued more than three-dozen security fixes in its latest mobile operating system update, released Wednesday.

The new version of iOS 8.3 fixes a number of bugs, including denial-of-service issues, a cross-site cookie issue, and a bug that could allow a website to install malware. The update also updates the certificate store.

(The iPhone and iPad maker doesn't rank the severity of vulnerabilities, and only discloses limited information.)

Among the bugs, Apple warned that in "some circumstances" a device might not erase itself after failed passcode attempts.

Also, a denial-of-service bug was fixed through "improved state management."

In one advisory, Apple warned that "visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to arbitrary code execution." It comes at a time where Apple has reportedly cracked down on apps that aim to prevent malware outbreaks on iPhones and iPads.

More than half-a-dozen issues relate to remote code execution.

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