iPad cases made of Bernie Madoff's clothing won't protect your iPad

Bernie Madoff's legacy lives on in the form of these up-cycled iPad cases.

iPad cases may be in great supply, but very few of them can be considered historically significant. These cases fashioned out of convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff's clothing, however, are.

Luxury iPad case maker Frederick James fashioned the cases out of over a dozen pairs of Madoff's pants. Each pair of pants makes four cases, which are priced from $250 to $500. (In contrast, the Madoff's cashmere sweaters only made three.) Above are cases made out of pairs of off-white Mason's khakis, and orange Murphy & Nye Sailmakers.

Perhaps most predictably, Madoff's pants don't actually protect the devices that you place inside of them. "They are strictly for fashion purposes. If you drop [your iPad], it's going to crack," Frederick James head John Vaccaro told the New York Post.

[Fredrick james, Via Gizmodo]