iPad mini with 4G on the way: Verizon cost me more money

I gave in and ordered an iPad mini today. I have to wait a while for it to show up as I grabbed a model with 4G LTE for the Verizon network. Its Share Everything plan caused me to spend more than I would have otherwise.
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iPad Minis

I felt certain I would end up buying an iPad mini at some point, as I have been using (and enjoying) smaller tablets since the launch of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. I like the easily handled form of smaller tablets. I don't have the iPad mini yet as I decided to spring for the 4G LTE model, and it's all Verizon's fault.

I have been on the Verizon Share Everything plan since it first became available. The ability to share a big bucket of data accessible by multiple devices fits my gadget-flush lifestyle. I currently have a mobile hotspot, iPhone 4S, and an iPad 3 on the plan.

The plan lets me add new devices to the account for a simple monthly fee. All devices on the plan share a big bucket of data I pay for separately. I can add and subtract devices from the plan at will, which fits my revolving-door gadget lifestyle.

The ability to add the iPad mini to my data plan for just $10/month pushed me to order the cellular-capable tablet. I  like using my bigger iPad everywhere without worrying about Wi-Fi, so the inexpensive monthly fee pushed me to buy the more expensive iPad mini. It's exactly as I predicted when shared data plans first appeared on the scene.

It may actually end up saving me money in the long run. The tiny form of the iPad mini means I can throw it in a pocket on any bag I carry. That means it will always be with me, and available to use as a hotspot for other devices. That will let me drop the Verizon mobile hotspot device from the plan, saving me $20 per month. I'll bet the iPad mini will serve as a hotspot via tethering for over 12 hours on a charge, too. Good thing the Share Everything plan includes tethering on all devices at no charge.


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