iPad sales tumble to four-year low while the Mac sees best quarter ever

iPad sales have seen their worst quarter in over four years, while Macs are selling faster than ever.

Apple may have just announced record fourth quarter results, but the data suggests that the iPad is in trouble as sales tumble to below 10 million.

iPad sales have slumped to a low not seen in over four years. The last time Apple sold fewer than 10 million tablets (back in Q3 2011 when quarterly sales were 9.883 million) it seemed like the sky was the limit for the iPad.

iPad sales, historical

For whatever reason - maybe it's boredom with the form factor, perhaps it's the price, perchance Jony Ive didn't make it thin enough, or it could be just that people are spending their money on iPhones and Macs instead - people have gone cold on the iPad.

Next quarter sales, which will include sales for the holiday period, will no doubt give iPad sales a short-term jot, but unless things pick up the iPad is headed the way of the iPod... or the dinosaurs.

Its candle may have burned bright, but it was short-lived. And I don't see the iPad Pro helping things, not with that sweat-inducing price tag.

Macs on the other hand are doing really well, with Apple selling a record 5.709 million, beating its previous best of 5.520 million set in Q4 2014.

The humble Mac, once the underdog of the computer industry, pulled in revenues of $6.8 billion last quarter. Not bad at all considering that we're supposed to be in a post-PC era.

Mac sales, hstorical

With strong revenues and billions in the back, Apple is far from doomed even if the iPad were wiped from existence, but it would be odd if Apple were to let the iPad slide into oblivion after only six and a half years. But I'll tell you who should be worried - pretty much everyone else trying to sell a tablet.

If Apple is struggling to sell ten million units a quarter, this doesn't bode well for the myriad of Android and Windows tablet OEMs all fighting with each other for a piece of the action.

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