iPad shows 'remarkable' adoption in financial services

A report shows that the iPad has seen strong take-up in the financial sector, while its adoption in other fields remains patchy

The financial services industry is adopting Apple's iPad at a rapid rate, according to Good Technology, a company that provides corporate email software.

In a report, Good said that the adoption of iPads by financial services companies "is remarkable". Indeed, as the chart below shows, deployments are picking up steadily in financial services. Good argues that enterprises will buy the iPad and other tablets in sharp contrast to smartphones, which will be brought to companies by workers.

iPad activations by industry

iPad adoption by business is strongest in the financial services sector, according to a report by Good Technology. Photo credit: Good Technology

Aside from financial services, iPad activations by businesses tend to be inconsistent. Healthcare activations show a steep decline followed by a slight rise. One possible reason for the iPad's performance in the healthcare sector may simply be a practical one: it is too large to be carried around in a lab coat.

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