iPad takes 500 foot drop from airplane, G-Form Extreme Sleeve saves the day

Those wacky dudes at G-Form are at it again.

Those wacky dudes at G-Form are at it again.

Apparently, they aren't content enough to torture iPads with 12 pound bowling ball impacts from three feet. Oh no. They had to up the ante.

As if that wasn't a convincing enough reason to pre-order an Extreme Sleeve for your iPad, they had to go and do something completely gonzo -- drop it from 500 feet in the air in an ultralight aircraft.

The result? iPad lived to play a video yet another day. I'm impressed, very impressed.

With all of these impact stunts, I'm beginning to think these dudes are the computer industry version of Jackass. What else can they possibly do to prove this product works as advertised? Fire it out of a cannon into Johnny Knoxville's nads?

Hey, here's an idea. Maybe they can figure out how to save the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook from a 30,000 foot app-less sales nosedive before the Android compatibility comes out this summer.

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